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Personalized and logoed merchandising is one of the most effective long-term ways to promote your business.  Bars, bands, and businesses of all kinds benefit a great deal from turning their supporters into walking/talking billboards and brand ambassadors.  Unfortunately, this method of advertising is usually plagued with a variety of down-sides.
The temptation of buying in bulk requires a high up-front cost, followed by the headache of holding and managing that inventory, and the fear of stagnant sales that might leave you stuck with leftover product with no way to recoup your costs.
WHAT IF there was a way to avoid these start-up merchandising woes?  WHAT IF you could have profitable, customized merchandise without having to handle massive, or any, inventories?  WHAT IF you could sell high-quality t-shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, and more with YOUR logo/messaging online AND in person?  WHAT IF you could have an online merch presence AND have a manageable inventory AT ALL TIMES?  

What if no more, friends! We have created just such a platform with a two-week turnaround on high-quality, customized merch that would let you sell your products however you want at potentially NO COST TO YOU?  

  • Don’t want to hold inventory?  We’ll give you the tools to send your customers straight to the source to have your swag sent to them.  
  • Prefer to do things the old fashioned way?  Buy your merch at a lower price and sell directly at your business or next event. 
  • Think a mix of old-and-new school is the ticket?  Order two, five, ten, 100 items to keep on hand and we’ll take care of the rest.

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