Partner FAQ

How can I get my products on My Merch?

Fill out our Partner Sign-up Form and let us know you want to be a partner.  We will contact you and start you on a path to simple merchandise management and easy profit.

What products does My Merch offer?

We offer hundreds of customizable products for our partners.  Mostly, we focus on apparel, hats, drinkware and accessories.  However, we can also provide our partners with anything from sandals to necklaces to skateboard decks to posters, wall clings and gallery-wrapped canvases.  Check out our Product Guide for some of our most popular offerings.  

Can I only sell items on your site?

We know each business is different so we aim to give each partner the best tools we can to help them sell merch, however they see fit.  We also try to customize your products and sales channels to match what you needs.  

We offer both wholesale and retail sides to our platform.  The wholesale side provides a password protected collection that lets you, as the business owner, purchase items at cost and have them shipped to your business, either for resale, give-aways, or employee uniforms.

On the retail side, we put your items on our site and categorize them by item (e.g. men's tees, women's polos, drinkware, etc), by location, and by type of business (e.g. bars, podcasts, lawn services, consulting, etc.).  This allows anyone on our site to browse and easily stumble across our great business partners.  You can link to your collection on our site from Facebook, twitter and emails to drive traffic to your collection.

We also have the ability to provide you with a code snippet to embed your collection directly into your website. The seamless integration blends easily with almost any site layout.  The items in your collection are displayed on your site with a java based cart that slides out from the side of the page.  When a customer checks out, a new tab will open from our page, providing a secure SSL, PCI compliant checkout to ensure their information is safe.  Some additional fees may apply, contact us for more information regarding website integration.  Check out a few examples of how your collection could be embeded in your site:  86th Street Pub Shop , Monon Beverage Brokers Shop

What if I don't want to be listed on your website?

We know some companies do not want to be listed on our public website. No worries!  We can always set you up with a wholesale account, give you a partner log-in and let you purchase items for sale at your location or to use as employee uniforms. Keep in mind that wholesale only accounts only have the ability to purchase items for resale on location, and our online sales tools will not be available. 

This sounds great, but what does it cost?

Nothing.  We make a portion of each item that is sold, allowing us to offer our partners free set-up, free item selection, free uploading and inputting your designs or logos on merchandise, free wholesale and retail side set-up, and great support. 

How many items can I have on My Merch?

We do not limit the number of total items our partners can have.  However, we want to make sure that your items are going to sell (either wholesale or retail).  To make sure that our relationship will be most beneficial to everyone, we start all new partners with five items set-up for free.  Once those items have sold a bit, we are always happy to add more for you. 

What if I don't have a great design?

We are more than happy to assist you with designing your merchandise.  Many businesses want some, or all of their items to have their logos.  Once you sign-up, we will contact you to get your logo and can design logo based items in house.  We also can also add things like the city and state your from, or any basic design items free of charge.  If you want a great typographic or stylistic graphic design, we have a number of designers that we have relationships with and that have done great work for us.  We offer shirt design services for $40 per design and logo design services for $50 for anyone that needs them.  

How do I get paid?

There are two main ways our partners earn money from their merch.  First, you can buy your products from your password protected partner page, at your cost, and sell them in house or at events for a profit.  Our MSRP is set so that partners receive about 25% of the revenue from each transaction.  Second, when people come to your retail collection on the My Merch website and purchase items, we record that information and issue you a commission check by the 15th of the month for the month prior.   


Have more questions? Contact us and we will be in touch soon!





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