About Us

We partner with small businesses to help them offer high quality merch to the world.  Every item in our store comes from a real bar, podcast, or other small business, and a portion of every sale goes back to that business.  We work hard everyday to provide the best support for our customers and partners and to help shine light on some awesome small businesses. 

We are small business owners ourselves, and have struggled with a way to manage our merch.  We designed this site to solve the issues we had with purchasing and managing our merch, and once we figured out how to develop and integrate an efficient merch management system we wanted to share it with other small businesses.  

More than that, we wanted to give the public access to awesome merchandise from great small businesses.  There are plenty of places to buy t-shirts and hoodies online, but they don't sell merch from real places.  Each of our partners receive a portion of each sale, to help them grow their business, hire new employees, and support their local communities.  

Help us support small business! 




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